Reviews of Hitler Alone

From current events to history, with the chilling Hitler Alone. From the moment he enters, screaming, Paul Webster completely inhabits his character, an act of bravery if ever I saw one, not least because rage brings him to near apoplexy. Yet there's nuance and subtlety, too, and Webster's great achievement is in humanising a man too easily dismissed and caricatured as a monster.
Hitler's repugnant views and horrific plans are spotlighted as we tour through history, but also his regrets – that England proved an enemy; that he lost so many friends; that niece Geli, the love of his life, killed herself; and that he can't fathom (or return) Eva Braun's love and loyalty. Like anyone else, Hitler enjoyed retreats to the mountains and nights watching films. It's something we know, intellectually, but is often left out of more cartoonish portraits.
Lee Randall - The Scotsman

One man’s portrayal of the most hated man in history is more terrifying than any nightmare monster, precisely because of the very real humanity he injects into every fibre of his tour de force performance.
British Theatre Guide

Webster's Hitler is chillingly real.
Claire Smith - The Scotsman

Hitler Alone ought to be required viewing for anyone who thinks they understand the concept of evil.

The prospect of an hour or so in the company of perhaps the most reviled man in history did not appear at first to offer much of merit to this reviewer. However Paul Webster's tour de force performance of his fascinating one man play rewards in unexpected ways.
Andrew Edwards

It was scaring, mesmerising, and touching!
Anne Hammett of Paignton

We were bowled over... a brilliant theatrical experience.
Mr. & Mrs. Tester of Bristol

Brilliant scholarship! Brilliant script! Brilliant acting by PW! Unmissable!
Chris Brand (psychologist) ’08

..This brilliant show! Webster's remarkable acting-technique, research and knowledge.

I just cannot believe what I have seen in this show! Brilliant! I have been to Edinburgh Fringe shows for at least 8 years and this is to my mind outstanding!

Webster's achievement, combining the roles of playwright and actor, is impressive... he holds attention with polished finesse. His account of Hitler's history is wide-ranging and performed with intense energy.
Catherine Reeves –Edinburgh Festival's Magazine Aug.’09

Webster keeps a tiny venue in hushed awe as Germany's charismatic Führer - he shows the man within the monster.
R.T.Watson - The Debating House of the Mind August '09

Webster uses his voice to stunning effect... we hear the sweet timbre of reason and then, coming out of nowhere,the pulverizing rages. Webster is a magnetic figure. At the end, on a dying fall, that unforgettable voice proclaims: ”Waste, waste, waste”, as he goes forward into the final darkness.”
Avril Hemingfield – Review at the Everyman Studio, Cheltenham in April ’10

The Stratford Herald

It's an intense hour we share with Paul Webster who triumphs in his portrayal of Hitler, a dark, delicate balancing act, a furious possession of the stage, a sophisticated monologue, looking upon the very gates of hell.
G-Scene Magazine

The depth of research that Webster must have done for this piece is quite astounding. A noble effort, which shows real brilliance and panache.
Darran Laine - Fringe Review

A highly-focused and very professional act - and a thorough lesson in the often-neglected details of history.
Fringe Guru

True to life... a marvellous performance.
Catherine Meek - Brighton Argus

Bruno Ganz has a stunning presence on screen, and in the flesh Webster is exuding the same hunched, manic energy. If you're into history and great acting I can recommend this show highly. A not-to-missed experience.
4 Stars - George Dillon - Edinburgh Fringe Guru Aug.'11

The performance is utterly captivating... an admirable outstanding effort.
4 Stars - Ellen Macpherson - Fringe Review

An extraordinary acting achievement by Paul Webster. Hitler Alone is a fantastic production for its dramatic skill and historical integrity.
5 Stars - Louise Hemfrey - Broadway Baby

Click here to hear an interview with Paul by Ewan Spence at the Edinburgh fringe in 2007.