The Tempest
Courtiers are livelier than usual, with the decent into madness of Alonso (Paul Webster) given something of its proper weight.
The Observer

Midsummer Night's Dream
Paul Webster's neurotic,sensitive Quince - a paradigm of the play director - produces very tragical mirth.
Michael Schmidt
Daily Telegraph

Winslow Boy a stylish production marking the drama's 50th anniversary. Paul Webster gives a towering performance as the dry-humoured patriarch.
Coventry Press

12th Night
The strength and balance of the company is admirably represented by Paul Webster's excellent Antonio.
Stratford Herald

He should learn from Paul Webster's positive old Welsh outlaw how to make a vivid personality out of a stock figure.
Martin Hoyle
Financial Times

Shadow of a Gunman
There is a splendid vignette of Irish truculence and bombast from Paul Webster as a roaring Orangeman.
London Evening Standard

Antony and Cleopatra
Responding with Howard and Miss Jackson to the tenorof the production with particular effect are Jonathan Pryce as Ocatvius Caesar, Patrick Stewart as Enobarbus, Paul Webster as Agrippa, John Nettles as Dolabella, David Bradley as the Soothsayer, and Richard Griffiths as a frightening clown who delivers Cleopatra's deadly asps.
The Stage

Much Ado About Nothing
Paul Webster's Leonato perfectly encapsulates the production's breadth: from gentleness to wrath to grief and back again.
Time Out - Ros Asquith

Midsummer Night's Dream
Comic inventiveness is to be found in many places with David Troughton's wide-eyed, red-nosed Bottom adding a vigourous eccentric to the ever-intelligent Paul Webster's dipsomaniac Peter Quince.
David Isaacs

The Winslow Boy
..and by excellent performances particularly from Paula Stockbridge and Paul Webster as daughter and father, the two chief protagonists in the family crusade. In fact, Mr Webster - an actor who once took on the role of Othello on this stage at terrifyingly short notice - makes Arthur Winslow so ompletely natural a creation that it is a jolt to see him appear for the curtain call without a limp.
Terry Grimley

Love's Labours Lost
Just occasionally Mr Hands gives us a glimpse of what might have been by allowing the true voice of feeling to emerge. There is a heart-stopping moment when Paul Webster's Sir Nathaniel reads out Berowne's sonnet-letter to Rosaline ("If love make me forsworn, how shall I swear to love?") with unaffected simplicity.
Michael Billington
The Guardian

The great success of the comedy is Webster's de Baudricourt - surprising for such a serious actor, and even more so considering the meaning he later brings to the role of Cauchon. As Cauchon he pulls the play out of the fire. He twists and turns in a hell of self-doubt.
Andrew Veitch
The Guardian

Temptation - Vaclav Havel
Only Barrie Rutter as the slick Deputy Director and Paul Webster as his anxious superior, offering Foustka a little gay proposition, manage to be both sinister and absurd, and thus true to Havel.
N. de Jong
The Guardian

The Importance of Being Earnest
Paul Webster's Canon Chasuble is a welcome addition to a long line of fine performances by him at the Rep.
Birmingham Post

The Bright and Bold Design - Whelan
..and to Hector Brabant (a nice sketch of stiff-collared bigotry from Paul Webster), the boss potter who warns Rhys to leave his politics "at the last lamppost before the factory gates".
Mark Lawson
The Independent

Paul Webster is chilling and comic as a top level, homosexual bureaucrat. Roger Michell's direction orchestrates these intellectual and sardonic exercises with almost balletic brilliance.
Milton Shulman
Evening Standard

Antony and Cleopatra
Helen Mirren is surrounded by good performances: Jonathan Hyde's pale, completely untrustworthy Caesar, Paul Webster's splendidly half-dotty Lepidus.
Stratford Herald